Beagle Club of SA Beach Walk – Seacliff, Sunday 16th October 2016


Now that the weather is warming up, it’s time for our Beach Walk! These are much more casual events for the club compared to our Field/Hunt Days, and it’s a great opportunity for your hounds to catch up with friends – as well as the owners, of course!

All dogs (non-beagles) are of course welcome to join in on the walk.
Non-financial members are very welcome too – come along and walk with us and chat away with members on what we are about and meet lots of other beagles.

Location: Angus Neill Reserve on the Esplanade at Seacliff. Sunday 16th October

Time: Walk starts at 10am (maybe arrive a few minutes early to be safe).

Directions: Take either Shoreham Road, Wheatland Street or the Esplanade itself, Young Street is a no through road.

Bring a picnic lunch if you’d like to. We will have Beagle Club Christmas cards and greeting cards for sale.

Please note that all dogs by law must be on a lead after 10am.

The Beagle Club have recently introduced an Inclement Weather Policy whereby if the forecast temperature on the TV news (any channel) on the evening before the event is predicted at 34c, then the event as a club activity will be cancelled.

See you then!

Kind Regards

Beagle Club of SA

Temporary Access Restrictions for Champ Show Saturday 3 September


Temporary Access Restrictions

David Roche Park

As from Monday 29 August 2016 until approximately Monday 27 September 2016 temporary access restrictions will be in place at David Roche Park due to resurfacing of the carpark and other infrastructure works.

The attached drawing identifies the main restrictions however these may vary at times and the office will attempt to keep the members informed as much as possible via the web site and Face Book (DOGS SA Members Page). The main restrictions are the 2 current bitumen car parks will not be available to members and the main gate will be open to contractors only. Access to David Roche Park will be via the Jean Nolan Gates.

For general access to Complete Canine and Suzie Therapetics follow the green line on the drawing to Marsula Brine area where parking is available and then again follow the green line to the main building. For access to the office, follow the blue line to the parking area near ring 6 and again follow the blue line through the bowling green to the office.

The area on the drawing bounded by the red lines and identified as “Contractor Controlled Area” are a designated construction site and all access is to be requested through the contractor. Due to high risk ok plant movement members are requested to stay clear of these areas.

Events which are scheduled during this period may continue however the restrictions are to be observed. Access to the toilets and canteen will be kept clear and able to be used by members.

Should members have any issues during this period please contact the Executive Officer DOGS SA.

Brian Parker
President DOGS SA

Check Chain or Harness


The decision to use a check chain or harness is one that continues to be discussed. I use the check chain on our beagles. I find it effective in controlling our beagle’s behaviour when out walking and showing.

Evidence I have seen is that a harness does not provide effective control at times of need, i.e. when stress, fear or fight situations arise. If a dog is constantly pulling, a harness will not stop this from happening. For this reason I find the use of a harness for walking purposes to be unsatisfactory.

When used correctly the check chain rarely needs to be tightened around the neck of the dog and should never be used to hurt a dog. When used correctly the dog responds quickly in a positive way. The only time it needs to be tightened is to correct inappropriate behaviour.

It is important when out walking a dog to have effective control. Lack of effective control makes taking a dog out for a walk most unenjoyable. In many cases this results in the dog not being taken out for exercise, which is not a good result.

Some people prefer a harness for their dogs and will not use a check chain believing they are dangerous to the dog’s well being. In over 40 years of using a check chain I have never witnessed a dog hurt by one.

Harnesses are good for restraining your dog in a car where in an accident, the largest part of the dog (the body) takes the force of restraint. Using a check chain for this purpose is most unacceptable and most likely would result in severe injury.

I have experienced a high impact, high speed collision with roll over with an unrestrained beagle on board. This was pre harness days and seatbelts had only recently become compulsory. Thankfully the beagle was not injured, looking back this would not have taken much for anyone of us not to have made it out alive. We are talking all the stars aligning and tenths of a second between a good and bad result. These days my dogs always travel in the dog trailer or in pet packs in the back. Apart from the occasional trauma of experiencing beagle flatulence all is good.

My opinion
Gordon G