Our Club

The Beagle Club of South Australia is a small friendly breed club, whose main objective is to look after the best interest of beagles, in South Australia.

The Club has activities that suit all members whether they are breeders or have a single beagle who is a much-loved family pet.Members are encouraged to participate in the social and beagling activities that the Club runs.

By attending Club activities you are ensuring that your beagle receives the socialization that is necessary to make him or her a well-behaved member of society.
It is always helpful for members to get together (with their beagles) on a social basis and discuss any problems they may be having with their new puppy, or share ideas with other members.

The Club is very lucky to have members who have expertise in areas such as obedience training, hunting, show exhibition and of course dog ownership and care. At all Club activities there will be committee members present who will be able to offer advice or point you in the direction of someone who can help you with any queries you may have regarding the rearing and training of your new beagle or enlighten you on the subject of beagling.

The social activities run by the Club include

  • Trail/training walks(teaching puppies and novice hounds to follow the drag scent)
  • Field Days (teaching the hounds to work as a pack and follow the drag). There are events at this activity for hounds of all levels from Puppy to Pack Hound.
  • Group Walks and BBQ’s (venues are various beaches parks and trails)
  • Confirmation Shows.
  • Christmas Parties
  • Facebook Group

The Club produces bi-monthly newsletters, which are both informative and entertaining. They include photographs and reports on recent activities as well as articles, which are designed to help the beagle owner learn more about the breed.

The Club is very friendly, and becoming a member and joining in social activities is a great way of meeting people who love beagles nearly as much as you do. The Club activities are a good way to socialize your beagle, by allowing him or her to mix with other beagles.