Before You Buy a Beagle

Is a Beagle Right For You ?

Before rushing out and buying an irresistibly cute beagle pup, answer the following questions.

Answer them honestly, as they could save you from making a BIG mistake!

  • Do you have a JUMP proof, DIG proof, CHEW proof fence that completely encloses your backyard and is at least 1.5 meters high?
  • Will your new beagle have company for most of the day? This can be in the form of human company or the company of another dog (preferably beagle).
  • Are you prepared to walk your new beagle on a lead at all times?
  • Are you prepared to endure puppy-hood that will result in some digging and chewing?
  • Are you able to resist pleading, brown eyes that try to convince you they are perpetually hungry?
  • Are you prepared to put some time and effort into training your new beagle, letting it know who is boss?
  • Are you prepared to regularly groom your beagle (beagles do shed hair despite having a short coat)?
  • If you answered NO to any of the above questions, then I strongly suggest that you think carefully about purchasing a beagle, chances are, a beagle IS NOT FOR YOU!

Why a Beagle

Beagles are compact small hounds, which range in height from 33cm to 40cm at the shoulder. They have short easily maintained coats, which come in a variety of bright hound colours, ranging from lemon and white to a black-blanketed tri colour.

One of their greatest attributes is their extremely good temperament. They are bold, with an even temperament, and a merry disposition. For this reason they make an excellent family pet, and are one of the breeds that can be recommended for children.

As beagles were bred to live in a pack with up to 40 or more other beagles, they live happily with other dogs, (especially beagles). It is for this reason also that a beagle enjoys company, as a lonely beagle can be naughty. It is very unusual to find a beagle that is timid or aggressive, and these temperament disorders are highly undesirable.Beagles are robust little dogs free from any significant hereditary faults. A good beagle is sound in body and temperament. They make wonderful family pets, adjusting happily to suburban life. They are an all rounder of the dog world, in the way that they are just as eager to accompany their family on a hike in the country, or curl up quietly in front of the fire.

A beagle is a scent hound, and once on a scent, they focus only on this. It is almost as though their ears and eyes are closed to the world, as they diligently work the scent line before them. For this reason, for their own safety, walks on lead are a necessity, as is a well-enclosed back yard. Even a well-trained beagle will always have it’s nose to the ground when out on a walk.

There is something magical about owning a beagle. Their antics never cease to amuse you. They are loving, happy little hounds with personality plus.

Be warned, if you find that you fall in love with a beagle, you will never want to own another breed of dog!

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