Breeders in SA Directory

From a Club’s point of view we can’t stress enough the importance of buying from a registered breeder and not purchasing a beagle puppy on a “whim”. Planning and plenty of thought goes into every litter as does the scrutiny of new puppy owners.

Breeders apart from being a Registered Breeder of the Beagle Club of SA Inc. are also members of the South Australian Canine Association and observe the Association’s Code of Ethics in relation to breeding.

Puppies are never available until 8 weeks of age, thus ensuring a vaccination at 6 weeks to protect the puppy in its new environment. Individual breeders will usually supply a “Puppy Pack” giving all the relevant information for the care of the puppy whilst growing so as to ensure a healthy and happy beagle for the rest of its life.

The Club and its Registered Breeders are always available should there be a need for reassurance along the way.

A beagle – in the right home – gives so much to the whole family and with loads of love and attention will be all that you want in a dog.

When purchasing a puppy make sure the person who you purchase from is not setting out to scam you. In the beagle breed one of the long term scams has been crossing beagles with foxhounds. There is a person in SA who in recent times has upset a number of unsuspecting people by offering X bred beagle/foxhound pups as pure bred beagles. Although similar as babies these pups will quickly grow into very large pups. The unsuspecting person will be convinced by the breeder that these are just large beagles. Large beagles are frequently just X breeds. As an adult the pure bred beagle should be around 300 to 400mm at the shoulder. Certainly beagles greater than 450mm at the shoulder should be treated as most likely a X breed.

Before parting with your money make sure you’ve done your research on the breeder, scammers can be very convincing. If you make a mistake your beagle will not be permitted to participate in BCSA Field Days.

BCSA’s Registered Breeders

Glyniss Balshaw Mt Gambier (08) 8725 0512
Gordon & Vivien Radcliffe Lewiston (08) 8524 3282 (email preferred)

Please feel free to Email us with any feedback or comments you may have about the listed breeders.