Recent information received has advised 1 person was scammed of a significant amount of money and another had their bank intervene foiling a scam regarding the purchase of a beagle pup in SA.

Advise from the ACCC has indicated elevated activity from people scamming those looking for a pup during these difficult times. Scamwatch has seen a recent spike in puppy scams and in April reports were almost five times higher than the average, with losses on track to exceed the 2019 total of $360,000. So far this year Scamwatch has received over 2,000 reports about COVID-19 scams and reported losses are more than $700,000 (as at 18 May 2020).

Scammers set up fake websites or ads on online classifieds and social media pretending to sell sought-after dog breeds and will take advantage of the fact that you can’t travel to meet the puppy in person.

“The safest option is to only buy or adopt a pet you can meet in person and if you cannot do that during the current lockdown restrictions, consider putting the search on hold”.

For the full report go to www.accc.gov.au/media-release/dont-get-scammed-looking-for-a-lockdown-puppy

Investigation has also revealed the old scam of mating a beagle with either a harrier or foxhound and passing the pups off as pure bred beagles has once again come back to life. People don’t generally complain as they love their dog.