What is a Beagle?

The beagle was originally bred as a scent hound (as opposed to a sight hound), that was run in packs to chase down small game such as hares and rabbits. It is the breeding that makes the beagle what it is today and it directly influences their pluses and minuses in a domestic situation.Beagles are small dogs, measuring around 40 cm at the shoulder, and weighing approximately 12 to 15Kg. They have short hair, and because of their correct dog shape, they are generally free of genetic faults that plague many other breeds. Most beagles live a long and healthy life, the average age being around 12-14 years.

Beagles have been bred with a mild, even temperament, and being hounds, they have a high level of intelligence, which means that given good care and attention, they make wonderful companions.A beagle must be able to roam free in a securely fenced backyard and or in the house. Chaining a beagle to a kennel for long periods is cruel. They are not adapted to this form of living. The yard must also be escape proof. If you can’t provide an escape proof backyard without having to chain your dog up, DON’T BUY A BEAGLE.

Because the beagle was bred as a pack animal, it is important that they receive plenty of company. This can be from their human family or from other dogs. If your family and lifestyle is one where nobody is home for long periods during the day then the beagle is not for you. If you are regularly away from home for long periods and must have a beagle, then we highly recommend you get two. This is not meant to be a sales pitch to sell another dog – if they have company of a friend while you are away, they will be much more settled, dig far fewer holes, bark a lot less and won’t get as fat.