About Field Days

The Beagle Club of South Australia conducts structured Field Days and awards the participating hounds levels of achievement commensurate with their proven ability in the Field.

The pursuit of live game is not permitted in Australia. Our hounds are trained to follow a ‘drag scent’, consisting of raw meat and tuna oil.

All hounds are divided into ‘grades’ according to their ability consisting of

  • Puppy
  • Beginner
  • Novice
  • Intermediate
  • Pack Hound


Open to all puppies 3 to 9 months of age. The ‘runs’ for this group are very short and the drag is always in view of the hounds to encourage the chase.


Hounds that are participating in their first Field Day, over 9 months of age, or have not demonstrated the ability to follow the scent.


Hounds that have shown the ability to scent.


Hounds that have demonstrated their ability to hunt the drag over a distance up to 3kms. The ‘runs’ have a greater degree of difficulty, and the hounds are released only after the laying of the scent has been completed.

Pack Hound

Intermediate Hounds who have, over a number of Field Days, proved their ability to follow the scent may be invited by our Master of Hounds to participate with the hounds that have already qualified as Pack Hounds. If these Intermediate Hounds prove their ability to hunt, then they may qualify as a Pack Hound.

The ‘runs’ for these hounds vary from between three to ten kilometers and the scent is at least 20 minutes old. Pack Hounds are kept at camp whilst the scent is laid. Once the scent is laid the Pack Hounds are led to the field for release.

Beagles are bred to be “pack” hounds. This means that they must ‘hunt’ as a team and not be too independent or competitive. This is the criteria upon which the Beagle Club of SA assesses their Field Day achievers. The hounds are not competing in a ‘race’, so the first home may not necessarily be the ‘winner’, but rather the hounds are judged on their eagerness, ability to achieve and their team spirit.

To get a better idea on what happens on fields days see

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