Notice of Annual General Meeting

Beagle Club of South Australia Inc

To commence at 12 pm on Sunday 26th November 2017
at The Gums, Tranmere

Order of Business

  • Acceptance of Minutes for the previous Annual General Meeting held on 27/11/16:
  • Business arising from previous Annual General Meeting:
  • Correspondence In/Out:
  • President’s Report:
  • Treasurer’s Report:
  • Auditor’s Financial Statement:
  • Nomination and Election of Office Bearers:
    • Nominations and election of Pro-tem Chairperson,
    • Nominations and election of President,
    • Nominations and election of Vice President (up to 2),
    • Nominations and election of Secretary,
    • Nominations and election of Treasurer,
    • Nominations and election of General Committee (up to 12),
    • Nominations and election of Auditor,
      • Honorarium:
        • Secretary,
          • To accept/reject Membership Fees proposed by Committee for 2018-19:
            • Family Membership
            • Double Membership
            • Single Membership
            • Junior/Pensioner Membership
            • Associate Membership
            • Breeders
          • To accept/reject any proposed changes to the Constitution:
          • To accept/reject any Life Membership proposal (refer Life Membership nominating Guideline)

And no business other than that set out in this Notice of Meeting shall be dealt with at this Annual General Meeting.

Gordon Radcliffe

Secretary, BCSA Inc.

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