Beagle Club of South Australia Inc

Notice of

Annual General Meeting


To commence at 10 am

on Sunday 21st November 2021

at The Gums, Tranmere

Order of Business

                • Acceptance of Minutes for the previous Annual General Meeting held on 17/01/21:
                • Business arising from previous Annual General Meeting:
                • Correspondence In/Out:
                • President’s Report:
                • Treasurer’s Report:
                • Auditor’s Financial Statement:
                • Nomination and Election of Office Bearers:
                  • Nominations and election of Pro-tem Chairperson,
                  • Nominations and election of President,
                  • Nominations and election of Vice President,
                  • Nominations and election of Secretary,
                  • Nominations and election of Treasurer,
                  • Nominations and election of General Committee (up to 12),
                  • Nominations and election of Auditor,
                    • Honorarium:
                      • Secretary,
                        • To accept/reject Membership Fees proposed by Committee for 2022-23:
                          • Family Membership
                          • Double Membership
                          • Single Membership
                          • Pensioner Membership
                          • Junior Membership
                          • Breeders
                        • To accept/reject proposed changes to the Constitution
                        • To accept/reject Life Membership proposed for L McNeil and G Drummond

And no business other than that set out in this Notice of Meeting shall be dealt with at this Annual General Meeting.

Gordon Radcliffe

Secretary, BCSA Inc.


Recent information received has advised 1 person was scammed of a significant amount of money and another had their bank intervene foiling a scam regarding the purchase of a beagle pup in SA.

Advise from the ACCC has indicated elevated activity from people scamming those looking for a pup during these difficult times. Scamwatch has seen a recent spike in puppy scams and in April reports were almost five times higher than the average, with losses on track to exceed the 2019 total of $360,000. So far this year Scamwatch has received over 2,000 reports about COVID-19 scams and reported losses are more than $700,000 (as at 18 May 2020).

Scammers set up fake websites or ads on online classifieds and social media pretending to sell sought-after dog breeds and will take advantage of the fact that you can’t travel to meet the puppy in person.

“The safest option is to only buy or adopt a pet you can meet in person and if you cannot do that during the current lockdown restrictions, consider putting the search on hold”.

For the full report go to

Investigation has also revealed the old scam of mating a beagle with either a harrier or foxhound and passing the pups off as pure bred beagles has once again come back to life. People don’t generally complain as they love their dog.


11th February – Beach walk, Semaphore Park
18th March – Trail Walk, Drage Res, Felixstowe
29th April – First Field day Monarto
27th May – Second Field Day Monarto
3rd June – Club Champ Show
1st July – Third Field Day Monarto
29th July – Fourth Field Day Monarto
26th August – Fifth Field Day Monarto
TBA September – beagles at the Royal Show
14th October – Beach Walk, Seacliff
25th November – AGM/Xmas Party – 2/12/18
Event details will be announced via newsletter, email and Facebook

Temporary Access Restrictions for Champ Show Saturday 3 September


Temporary Access Restrictions

David Roche Park

As from Monday 29 August 2016 until approximately Monday 27 September 2016 temporary access restrictions will be in place at David Roche Park due to resurfacing of the carpark and other infrastructure works.

The attached drawing identifies the main restrictions however these may vary at times and the office will attempt to keep the members informed as much as possible via the web site and Face Book (DOGS SA Members Page). The main restrictions are the 2 current bitumen car parks will not be available to members and the main gate will be open to contractors only. Access to David Roche Park will be via the Jean Nolan Gates.

For general access to Complete Canine and Suzie Therapetics follow the green line on the drawing to Marsula Brine area where parking is available and then again follow the green line to the main building. For access to the office, follow the blue line to the parking area near ring 6 and again follow the blue line through the bowling green to the office.

The area on the drawing bounded by the red lines and identified as “Contractor Controlled Area” are a designated construction site and all access is to be requested through the contractor. Due to high risk ok plant movement members are requested to stay clear of these areas.

Events which are scheduled during this period may continue however the restrictions are to be observed. Access to the toilets and canteen will be kept clear and able to be used by members.

Should members have any issues during this period please contact the Executive Officer DOGS SA.

Brian Parker
President DOGS SA